V.I.P. Waste Services Promotes Sustainability at The Gramercy New Albany


Here at Kaufman, we believe that sustainability is no longer about “going green” or “being green.” Instead, it has earned its rightful place in everyday life, moving beyond the philosophical to the responsible. That’s why we’ve partnered with V.I.P. Waste Services to provide a recycling program, making it easy for residents of The Gramercy New Albany to recycle about 80% of their household trash.

Each week, V.I.P will save residents a trip by picking up recyclables from the doorsteps of each apartment. A wide range of recyclable materials are accepted, and residents are not required to remove labels or sort materials. Everything collected by V.I.P. is recycled locally, too.

We believe that sustainability is its own reward, and we’re happy to offer this service free of charge, as a courtesy amenity to all residents of The Gramercy New Albany. Together we can help preserve the natural world and enhance environmental well-being. We encourage you to learn more about why recycling is important, get the facts about recycling aluminum, plastic, paper, and glass, and find out how you can reduce waste.

Besides recycling, what are some other ways you’re living more sustainably?