Meet the Team: Jimmy Hoppel


Jimmy Hoppel joined the Kaufman Development team in June 2013, when he began working as a Community Ambassador at The Gramercy New Albany.

Though his role involves everything from leasing to property management to event planning, Jimmy’s primary objective is helping prospective residents decide which apartment style is best for them. And once they move in, he helps create opportunities for them to have fun and grow in their new community while feeling comfortable and safe.

Here at Kaufman, the staff is encouraged to discover what they’re passionate about and incorporate that into their role, which is what Jimmy says he likes most about his job.

“Many of us have backgrounds and interests in areas such as fashion, art, education and athletics, and you will see those different flavors of each of our personalities come out in the events and programs we create,” he adds.

As a Kaufman employee and a resident, Jimmy has an appreciation for our effort to create a sense of true community.

“Our communities are a fusion of inspiring environments and opportunities to become your best self alongside neighbors with common interests,” he says.

Wellness is a top priority for Jimmy, and since moving to The Gramercy he’s found it easy and exciting to work out consistently, making regular use of its fitness center and classes.

“I have trained for and run my first half-marathon, and I have started taking spinning classes, which are really fun,” he says.

The Ashland University grad –with a bachelor’s degree in political science– is excited to be working at Kaufman as we continue to grow and develop the Greater Columbus area.

“I believe we have the opportunity to make Columbus even better than it already is,” he says, “and I can’t wait to see how we take advantage of that in the future!”