Meet Rudy


You may have passed Rudy on the bike path next to 600 Goodale. He told us he loves to take it for the quick walk to the Short North Galleries. “It allows me to go there more often because I don’t have to worry about where to park; plus, I love the walk itself—there are always places and things I notice that I haven’t seen before.” His walking excursions from his apartment have also taken him to the Arena District and downtown in general.

When we asked him about why his apartment is a good fit for his lifestyle he said, “If I could say one word about this place, it’s ‘convenient,’” but he didn’t just mean easy access to Columbus hot spots. “I work mostly from home and the property has a free office with a conference room that has free Wi-Fi. So without leaving the building, I meet my customers as well as the people who work for me. It’s very modern with well-appointed furnishings.” We know Rudy doesn’t need our help with his business, but we do enjoy making our residents look good.

It’s not just the office space that impresses Rudy. He loves the outdoor grilling station with the bar you can sit at, plus, he pointed out, it’s right next to the hot tub so you can do both at the same time. Of course he had something to say about the inside as well. “The way my apartment looks is unlike any other apartment I’ve been in. This place was done first class—from the granite countertops to the beautiful cabinets. The bathroom is so nice and so modern—and so spacious! The tall windows let in such nice light that it just makes me feel good to live here. It’s a place I can’t wait to show off to my friends and family.”

Rudy said that since he moved to 600 Goodale, two great things have happened. First, he said, he lost weight because he became more active by using the bike path and walking more often, and he said the onsite gym helps him keep the weight off. The second great thing was starting a new relationship, and, Rudy said, “she really loves the place too.”