Meet Liz


You might meet Liz at The Gramercy New Albany bootcamp. You might meet her in the community garden or at a BESA event after work. You might meet her on a treadmill, or possibly in the Kaufman Development office. For Liz, The Gramercy became more than a place to live, and more than a place to hang out. Liz said she was so inspired by all the positive changes in her life after moving to The Gramercy that she wanted to actually be a part of it professionally. So now Liz isn’t just a resident, she’s also a Property Ambassador for Kaufman Development.

But let’s back up a few steps and see how her story unfolds. Liz didn’t set out to change her life, but a series of small actions did just that. Something as simple as the free fitness classes offered to residents got her started. “The fitness center was what first attracted me to the community, and since I moved in I’ve lost 32 pounds. It drew me into a healthy and happy lifestyle that I didn’t even know was possible.” And if that wasn’t enough, Liz said the group classes have helped her get to know her neighbors and be more social.

Of course, wellness includes food, which Liz said she enjoys in a healthier way than she used to, from growing her own herbs and vegetables in the community garden to working with a trainer and learning to fix healthy meals for herself. “I got stronger and smarter. I learned what foods to eat as good fuel and what to stay away from.”

Being more physically active inspired Liz to be more active in general. She explained that living in a Kaufman community opened a new door for her—the ability to do more for other people thanks to the community’s relationship with BESA and its conveniently scheduled events. And speaking of opening doors, while Liz could go on and on about how much she loves her apartment—and all the closet space!—she says couldn’t live without all the outdoor space. “We love our private patio and we love to grill in the summer. We put a bistro table and chairs out so it’s the perfect place to sit and have dinner. Then of course we take our dog Brutus out for a walk when we’re done!”

So much has happened for Liz since she moved into The Gramercy, but if you ask her, this is just the beginning. “I believe everything happens for a reason, and moving into The Gramercy has set off a chain reaction of only good things. We were meant to be here. I know more good is coming our way soon!”