Meet Jenn & Geoff


Geoff and Jenn would be happy to shake your hand, but make sure they haven’t just come in from the garden. After moving into the Gramercy New Albany, one of the first things the couple did was get a plot in the community garden. “We grew arugula, beets, tomatoes, some herbs, and lots of jalapeños. It was great having the addition of all that fresh produce in our daily diets all summer. Fresh, healthy food is a key element to our lifestyle, and we really enjoyed the opportunity to grow it ourselves.”

The couple explained that lifestyle was the central reason behind the their move. Choosing this Kaufman community supported a larger shift they were making in their lives—to add more time and space that would allow them to grow their business and nurture their personal lives.

The fact that The Gramercy is just a mile from their store, VeloScience Bike Works, is one piece of the equation. “Time we would have spent mowing, raking leaves, and fixing up the house has now been spent developing our business and our pet projects like Sophia’s ReCycle, which has provided dozens of bikes to kids whose families couldn’t afford them.”

For a couple that loves to be physically active, the fitness center has practically been an extension of their apartment. Jennifer teaches the Spinning classes and enjoys yoga and bootcamp, while Geoff said when weather prevents him from training at one of the parks or country roads nearby, he loves that the facility is just a short walk from their doorstep.

Having more time has also translated into taking more joy in their living space. They said they fell in love with the styling and decor, especially how the layout provided a sense of open space and brightness. Geoff explained, “Since moving here we’ve been devouring books. The New Albany Library is a great resource, and for the first time in many years we’ve been able to enjoy having access. Living healthy lifestyles and accomplishing ambitious athletic goals are both important to us, and so much about The Gramercy makes achieving these goals much easier.”