Meet Dana


As we develop each of our properties, we want to create more than just a place for you to lay your head, four walls and a roof. We want to accommodate you, to help you get what you need and what you want—not just out of your home—but out of life. This may seem like a lofty goal, but it turns out you were thinking the same thing!

We’ve been delighted to hear your stories about Kaufman communities. They are proof to us that where you live can be more than just an accommodation; it can be an inspiration. In fact, with your stories of new relationships, healthy habits, successful ventures, and gratifying experiences, you’ve inspired us to grow in ways we haven’t even imagined. Now it’s time to get your stories out there to inspire your community.

You might catch a quick glimpse of them in 614, Columbus Monthly, or Fit. But here in our blog, you’ll get the whole story. You might learn something new about one of your neighbors or about your community. And you might just get inspired!

Meet Dana. Actually, meet Dana, Charley, and Dakota. They live in a two-bedroom apartment at The Gramercy New Albany. If you’ve spent any time at the dog park you’ve probably seen them romping and running and getting a quick clean at the bath station. Dana loves how easy it is to keep her apartment free of muddy paw prints, especially with all the energy that she puts into decorating—whether that’s making her own furniture, painting pictures or taking photographs.

Dana said the space she lives in now has enabled her to focus more on herself. She said she looks at her whole apartment as a blank canvas—from her walk-in closet, which she describes as palatial, all the way up to her high ceilings. “My apartment at The Gramercy really feels like me.” And while it started as an act in customizing the physical space, like creating a gallery wall of her favorite places, it grew into so much more. By surrounding herself with “things that are ME,” she explained that she’s been able to focus on what really matters to her, what’s important in her life.

Besides spending more time with her dogs and enjoying the pool and grill, Dana discovered that she started doing more things that she really enjoyed. “I love music. I am a collector of music and I am constantly listening and searching for new music to fall in love with. One thing that I have done more than ever since I have lived here is attend more live music shows. I broke a personal record this year by attending more than a dozen live shows since I moved in.”

Whether it’s spending more time with the two loves of her life—Charley and Dakota, creating things with her hands and “nesting” in her apartment, or enjoying her new-found focus on what really matters to her, we’re thrilled to have Dana in our community.