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Artist-In-Residence Program Inspires Creativity at 600 Goodale


A new program at 600 Goodale aims to stimulate appreciation for the arts and inspire residents to express themselves artistically.

The Artist-In-Residence program is slated to kick off Tuesday, August 27 with Sip and Sketch. Attendees should bring journals, sketch pads, or canvas and a bottle of their favorite wine to share.

“It’s a triple threat of creativity, social lubricant and getting to know your neighbors,” says Daniel Fox, artist in residence at 600 Goodale and co-owner of Skreened.
Other program events will include arts-related workshops, ride togethers (where residents will ride together to music and art events), and field trips to visit various local studios, artisans, and collectors.

“I’m not a traditional artist in terms of paint on canvas, but I do a lot of thinking and coaching with people about their creative processes,” Daniel says. “I thought about the amazing talents people in our community could share, as well as things I could bring, then scheduled them all in a way that made sense.”
Daniel says his passions lay in creating communities where people are connected and expressing themselves.

“What I want is for everyone to know really down deep that they can create anything they want and to not be afraid of what comes out of them, and to not judge their process or what is good or bad,” he adds. “I want to engage people in an exercise of being brave with their own expression.”

Daniel is excited to not only have an outlet for the visual arts, but also a venue for the performing arts.

“We’re going to host improv comedy events, as well as dance and music opportunities, so I’m excited to take a slightly broader definition to the concept of the arts here,” he says.

Daniel has been a resident at 600 Goodale for just a few weeks, but he’s already fallen in love with his new home.

“It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve lived and I’ve woken up with feelings of gratitude for it every day so far,” he says.

Those interested in learning more about the Artist-In-Residence program should contact Daniel via email at

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