Meet the Team: Andrew McCain


Andrew, our Maintenance and Facilities Manager, started with us in May of 2013. He’s the one that keeps our properties in tip-top shape and makes sure all of our apartments are being maintained with care.

Andrew puts a lot of time into training his employees that help him maintain our properties. He makes sure they know how to complete maintenance requests in a timely manner, and he ensures they do it the Kaufman way: with the best interest of our residents and the best product in mind. He sees a large part of his role as challenging his team to grow and develop their own roles here within the company.

In addition, he is responsible for implementing new policies and efficient processes to make sure we are developing our properties not just in constructing buildings, but in bringing our communities together. “My favorite part of the job is watching the properties start from the ground and develop into an amazing community that everyone loves to be at. A lot of hard work and overcoming challenges go into each place we build and being a part of that process is rewarding to me.”

Andrew values wellness the most of our core values, having completed his first competition race this past year and leading our weekly company workouts. Outside of work he’s usually spending time with his family and dedicating his energies to his growing children.

Andrew’s passion in his work and his dedication to his team and what he does is evident in his own words, “We stand alone based on the innovative ideas that are on display at each of our communities, as well as the people that work at them. Having people that love what they do and love caring about our residents is a great thing to me.”

Meet the Team: Joy Hoar


Joining the Kaufman Development team in November 2013, Joy has been making a difference in the lives of our resident’s at The Gramercy New Albany ever since! Embracing the Kaufman way of life, Joy has infused her passions of volunteering, fitness and creativity into her everyday.

“We truly care about all aspects of our residents lives. We make it our top priority to listen to the needs of those we serve.”

As a Community Ambassador at TGNA Joy is passionate about creating a one-of-a-kind community in the New Albany area as she believes that Kaufman communities serve a deeper purpose.

“I love so many things about this community from our community garden to personalized fitness classes, but my favorite part is our residents. They make my job fun and they encourage me to be and do more.”

Joy likes to spend time planning community events and encouraging residents to sign up and attend BESA philanthropic opportunities. “Philanthropy has recently become a part of my life, and I am grateful for it. Kaufman has a wonderful partnership with BESA. They are an amazing non-profit group that makes volunteering in the Columbus area not only easy, but super fun!”

Outside of work, you can find Joy running. She finds balance in her life by incorporating fitness and family time with her husband, Stephen. Together they will be running a half marathon in November, this is the second for Joy who completed the Cap City Half-Marathon in May 2014.

Meet the Team: Jimmy Hoppel


Jimmy Hoppel joined the Kaufman Development team in June 2013, when he began working as a Community Ambassador at The Gramercy New Albany.

Though his role involves everything from leasing to property management to event planning, Jimmy’s primary objective is helping prospective residents decide which apartment style is best for them. And once they move in, he helps create opportunities for them to have fun and grow in their new community while feeling comfortable and safe.

Here at Kaufman, the staff is encouraged to discover what they’re passionate about and incorporate that into their role, which is what Jimmy says he likes most about his job.

“Many of us have backgrounds and interests in areas such as fashion, art, education and athletics, and you will see those different flavors of each of our personalities come out in the events and programs we create,” he adds.

As a Kaufman employee and a resident, Jimmy has an appreciation for our effort to create a sense of true community.

“Our communities are a fusion of inspiring environments and opportunities to become your best self alongside neighbors with common interests,” he says.

Wellness is a top priority for Jimmy, and since moving to The Gramercy he’s found it easy and exciting to work out consistently, making regular use of its fitness center and classes.

“I have trained for and run my first half-marathon, and I have started taking spinning classes, which are really fun,” he says.

The Ashland University grad –with a bachelor’s degree in political science– is excited to be working at Kaufman as we continue to grow and develop the Greater Columbus area.

“I believe we have the opportunity to make Columbus even better than it already is,” he says, “and I can’t wait to see how we take advantage of that in the future!”

Meet the Team: Lauren Restivo


Lauren Restivo joined the team here at Kaufman in August 2013. As a Community Ambassador at The Gramercy New Albany, Lauren truly embraces our philosophy of inspired living, and aspires to make a difference.

From encouraging residents to take advantage of on-site amenities to coordinating community events to bring residents together, Lauren appreciates the opportunity to touch the lives of those who live at The Gramercy New Albany.

Lauren is passionate about giving back to the community, and encourages residents to join her in volunteering with our partners at Besa, a local nonprofit that organizes volunteer opportunities throughout Columbus. In fact, Lauren recently joined the Besa Volunteer Lead Team.

“Volunteering has made such a positive impact on my life,” she says. “All you need to do is sign up and attend. It’s convenient, easy, and a great way to give back!”

Lauren is a Columbus native, and appreciates The Gramercy New Albany’s location. “The New Albany landscape is beautiful in all seasons,” she says. “I love the design of our building exteriors, which I would best describe as modern with a funky barnyard twist. Our interiors are eclectic and modern, which really captures the essence of The Gramercy”

In her free time, Lauren enjoys cooking, attending concerts, and traveling. She even spent a semester in Rome before graduating from the University of Kentucky.

Lauren also makes wellness a priority, staying active with hot yoga, strength training and snowboarding in addition to training for the Cap City Half Marathon with some of her fellow Community Ambassadors.

Meet Liz


You might meet Liz at The Gramercy New Albany bootcamp. You might meet her in the community garden or at a BESA event after work. You might meet her on a treadmill, or possibly in the Kaufman Development office. For Liz, The Gramercy became more than a place to live, and more than a place to hang out. Liz said she was so inspired by all the positive changes in her life after moving to The Gramercy that she wanted to actually be a part of it professionally. So now Liz isn’t just a resident, she’s also a Property Ambassador for Kaufman Development.

But let’s back up a few steps and see how her story unfolds. Liz didn’t set out to change her life, but a series of small actions did just that. Something as simple as the free fitness classes offered to residents got her started. “The fitness center was what first attracted me to the community, and since I moved in I’ve lost 32 pounds. It drew me into a healthy and happy lifestyle that I didn’t even know was possible.” And if that wasn’t enough, Liz said the group classes have helped her get to know her neighbors and be more social.

Of course, wellness includes food, which Liz said she enjoys in a healthier way than she used to, from growing her own herbs and vegetables in the community garden to working with a trainer and learning to fix healthy meals for herself. “I got stronger and smarter. I learned what foods to eat as good fuel and what to stay away from.”

Being more physically active inspired Liz to be more active in general. She explained that living in a Kaufman community opened a new door for her—the ability to do more for other people thanks to the community’s relationship with BESA and its conveniently scheduled events. And speaking of opening doors, while Liz could go on and on about how much she loves her apartment—and all the closet space!—she says couldn’t live without all the outdoor space. “We love our private patio and we love to grill in the summer. We put a bistro table and chairs out so it’s the perfect place to sit and have dinner. Then of course we take our dog Brutus out for a walk when we’re done!”

So much has happened for Liz since she moved into The Gramercy, but if you ask her, this is just the beginning. “I believe everything happens for a reason, and moving into The Gramercy has set off a chain reaction of only good things. We were meant to be here. I know more good is coming our way soon!”

Meet Rudy


You may have passed Rudy on the bike path next to 600 Goodale. He told us he loves to take it for the quick walk to the Short North Galleries. “It allows me to go there more often because I don’t have to worry about where to park; plus, I love the walk itself—there are always places and things I notice that I haven’t seen before.” His walking excursions from his apartment have also taken him to the Arena District and downtown in general.

When we asked him about why his apartment is a good fit for his lifestyle he said, “If I could say one word about this place, it’s ‘convenient,’” but he didn’t just mean easy access to Columbus hot spots. “I work mostly from home and the property has a free office with a conference room that has free Wi-Fi. So without leaving the building, I meet my customers as well as the people who work for me. It’s very modern with well-appointed furnishings.” We know Rudy doesn’t need our help with his business, but we do enjoy making our residents look good.

It’s not just the office space that impresses Rudy. He loves the outdoor grilling station with the bar you can sit at, plus, he pointed out, it’s right next to the hot tub so you can do both at the same time. Of course he had something to say about the inside as well. “The way my apartment looks is unlike any other apartment I’ve been in. This place was done first class—from the granite countertops to the beautiful cabinets. The bathroom is so nice and so modern—and so spacious! The tall windows let in such nice light that it just makes me feel good to live here. It’s a place I can’t wait to show off to my friends and family.”

Rudy said that since he moved to 600 Goodale, two great things have happened. First, he said, he lost weight because he became more active by using the bike path and walking more often, and he said the onsite gym helps him keep the weight off. The second great thing was starting a new relationship, and, Rudy said, “she really loves the place too.”

Meet Adrienne


If you’re not a morning person, it might take a few days before you actually meet Adrienne in person, but if you live at the 600 Goodale property, you’ll know she’s a part of the community. A personal chef and one of our earliest early birds, Adrienne is often dropping off breakfast for fellow residents at 6am, on her way out the door for the day.

Adrienne loves her apartment, citing the modern decor, the open layout and the generous closet space, all of which fuel her creativity in the kitchen, which in turn fuels her business. “Also,” she added, “Kaufman offers a chic, super cool, common area that is perfect for events that I can cater—giving me the opportunity to grow my business right here in the building.”

With her business being such a large part of her life, Adrienne has found many new clients in the apartments around her—busy, likeminded individuals who enjoy having someone cook for them. “Plus, the people in the community are so driven and successful, which inspires me to be better in my own business ventures.”

Adrienne’s neighbors do more than inspire her though. She has uncovered new and existing friends living all around her. “I adore spending time with family and friends—I mean, who doesn’t?! Living here at this Kaufman property has not only put me closer to my friends but has made me more connected with the buzz of downtown Columbus. Restaurants, bars, concerts, and more are walkable distance or a short cab ride away. My Kaufman space lands me in a perfect spot to take advantage of what downtown Columbus has to offer. I couldn’t be happier.”

Meet Dana


As we develop each of our properties, we want to create more than just a place for you to lay your head, four walls and a roof. We want to accommodate you, to help you get what you need and what you want—not just out of your home—but out of life. This may seem like a lofty goal, but it turns out you were thinking the same thing!

We’ve been delighted to hear your stories about Kaufman communities. They are proof to us that where you live can be more than just an accommodation; it can be an inspiration. In fact, with your stories of new relationships, healthy habits, successful ventures, and gratifying experiences, you’ve inspired us to grow in ways we haven’t even imagined. Now it’s time to get your stories out there to inspire your community.

You might catch a quick glimpse of them in 614, Columbus Monthly, or Fit. But here in our blog, you’ll get the whole story. You might learn something new about one of your neighbors or about your community. And you might just get inspired!

Meet Dana. Actually, meet Dana, Charley, and Dakota. They live in a two-bedroom apartment at The Gramercy New Albany. If you’ve spent any time at the dog park you’ve probably seen them romping and running and getting a quick clean at the bath station. Dana loves how easy it is to keep her apartment free of muddy paw prints, especially with all the energy that she puts into decorating—whether that’s making her own furniture, painting pictures or taking photographs.

Dana said the space she lives in now has enabled her to focus more on herself. She said she looks at her whole apartment as a blank canvas—from her walk-in closet, which she describes as palatial, all the way up to her high ceilings. “My apartment at The Gramercy really feels like me.” And while it started as an act in customizing the physical space, like creating a gallery wall of her favorite places, it grew into so much more. By surrounding herself with “things that are ME,” she explained that she’s been able to focus on what really matters to her, what’s important in her life.

Besides spending more time with her dogs and enjoying the pool and grill, Dana discovered that she started doing more things that she really enjoyed. “I love music. I am a collector of music and I am constantly listening and searching for new music to fall in love with. One thing that I have done more than ever since I have lived here is attend more live music shows. I broke a personal record this year by attending more than a dozen live shows since I moved in.”

Whether it’s spending more time with the two loves of her life—Charley and Dakota, creating things with her hands and “nesting” in her apartment, or enjoying her new-found focus on what really matters to her, we’re thrilled to have Dana in our community.

Meet Jenn & Geoff


Geoff and Jenn would be happy to shake your hand, but make sure they haven’t just come in from the garden. After moving into the Gramercy New Albany, one of the first things the couple did was get a plot in the community garden. “We grew arugula, beets, tomatoes, some herbs, and lots of jalapeños. It was great having the addition of all that fresh produce in our daily diets all summer. Fresh, healthy food is a key element to our lifestyle, and we really enjoyed the opportunity to grow it ourselves.”

The couple explained that lifestyle was the central reason behind the their move. Choosing this Kaufman community supported a larger shift they were making in their lives—to add more time and space that would allow them to grow their business and nurture their personal lives.

The fact that The Gramercy is just a mile from their store, VeloScience Bike Works, is one piece of the equation. “Time we would have spent mowing, raking leaves, and fixing up the house has now been spent developing our business and our pet projects like Sophia’s ReCycle, which has provided dozens of bikes to kids whose families couldn’t afford them.”

For a couple that loves to be physically active, the fitness center has practically been an extension of their apartment. Jennifer teaches the Spinning classes and enjoys yoga and bootcamp, while Geoff said when weather prevents him from training at one of the parks or country roads nearby, he loves that the facility is just a short walk from their doorstep.

Having more time has also translated into taking more joy in their living space. They said they fell in love with the styling and decor, especially how the layout provided a sense of open space and brightness. Geoff explained, “Since moving here we’ve been devouring books. The New Albany Library is a great resource, and for the first time in many years we’ve been able to enjoy having access. Living healthy lifestyles and accomplishing ambitious athletic goals are both important to us, and so much about The Gramercy makes achieving these goals much easier.”